Review: Candide

Candide by Voltaire

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This wasn’t bad in the sense that I didn’t want to read it anymore, I just didn’t enjoy it. One class I am taking asks us to fulfill 7 requirements over the year, and I chose to read this one because it was (a) short, (b) fulfilled the requirement of being written before 1900, and (c) because it fulfilled the requirement of being translated. I had the 7 requirements planned out so that I would fulfill all the requirements in three books and have a chance to read a fun book and write an essay on that for the last quiz. This fulfilled my last two requirements I needed to complete and was super short so I thought I would give a shot.

I remember first hearing about this book in history class, so I kind of knew what it was but it definitely changed my thoughts of it. Before reading it, I thought it was some political satire and would read as such. But it turned out to really just be a story about some random guy named Candid who is overly optimistic despite all this horrid stuff happening to him and a satire of philosophers. I thought I would have a lot more to write on but that was really it for what I got out of the book.

This was an easy read and I actually read most of it but there was never a time I just wanted to pick it up and get back into the story. I would read it during the allotted reading time and random bits if I didn’t have anything else to do. The story really wasn’t interesting and in the end, the purpose for his journey is basically thrown out the window. What was the whole point of going through all that just to have it not be worth it? (view spoiler) I mean what was the whole point????

This wasn’t enjoyable but I was able to read through most of it just fine. It just seemed really pointless at the end.

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