Review: Cruel Crown

Cruel Crown
Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I like this one and finished it surprisingly quick.

Queen Song
I think this was my favorite novella out of the two. I’ve always been interested in Corianne and Cal more than the king and Maven so I think that was a big part of it. It was also just more interesting than Steel Scars. We get to see Corianne grow up (I wasn’t too huge a fan of these parts or her aunt/grandma in them but they didn’t really affect my enjoyment all that much.) for a large part of this one and then we get to see her first meeting with Tiberias Calore, future king of Norta. This was the part I really enjoyed. I loved seeing the beginning and further events of their relationship and shipped them really early on. The king was definitely a different person than he was in RQ and I was sad that I knew that changed later on. For this one, I really wish it had gone into Cal more and expanded more on Corianne’s life in the palace rather than just cutting it short and rushing to (view spoiler)

Steel Scars
This was definitely my least favorite of the two. I just don’t like Farley all that much for some reason. I didn’t think this one boring or anything, and I read it all without any issues (although maybe in part because there were those transcriptions that took up entire pages with jargon and code names and a few lines of text). It does give a bit of background to the Scarlet Guard and Farley as a character but it just isn’t as interesting as learning about Corianne and was just kinda bleh.

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