Review: Illuminae

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book gave me life and reminded me why I love reading so much and deserves every freakin’ star possible. Visually, this thing is also a masterpiece. The cover? GORGEOUS! The pages and different styles of telling the story? AMAZING! This book is absolutely stunning in every way.

I had tried to read this one as a hardback several times before because I saw all the hype and just couldn’t do it for whatever reason. I think it was through BookBub that I found out that this one was $1.99 on Kindle and I figured I would give it a try on there. I think I also tried on Kindle before the last time and again, to no avail. But this last time, something changed. Once I got through some of the rougher parts, I was racing through the book and even finished it in record personal time. One thing that I did not enjoy about the Kindle version was that it hindered my enjoyment and visuals of the more visual things in this book. I didn’t figure out how to zoom until the last 30% of the book and before them, had to squint and guess as to what they said or find a copy in a store and check them out.

Anyways, back to my thoughts on the actual book. Like I previously said, the beginning to this one is a little rough. I wasn’t too into the interviews and was unused to the style. But, I quickly eased into it and I think I most enjoyed the chats and pages that involved text woven within an image. The other styles I did not enjoy as much but they really do add the story and serve to give the reader multiple perspectives as to what is happening. And these perspectives really work and again, add to the story.

I do like fantasy and science fiction YA but have found it hard to find ones not ruined by cheesy romance or in a style that I love (Some perspectives just bug me and I can’t get into them.) but I’ve never read one like Illuminae before. Not just because of the style but also in terms of the content. I don’t generally read into space books as it’s hard to find them or to find good ones. This one was a step out of my reader comfort zone that I am so glad I took. I raced through it, devouring every cute romance bit of Kady & Ezra’s story, every whacked AIDAN moment, and every twisty turn of the Beitech v. Alexander & Hypatia crew battle. The authors really excelled at writing all of those aspects and drawing me in using them.

At first, I wasn’t so into Kady+Ezra, but as the book went on, I really enjoyed it and found myself becoming a hardcore shipper in no time. As for AIDAN, it was kind of the same thing. In the beginning, I hated it and what it was doing to the people it was supposed to protect. But towards the end, especially in the scenes with Kady, I actually kind of liked it a bit and almost felt sorry for it. Although, I hated the fact that (view spoiler) I found this one to not be predictable, except for a few minor things, but otherwise it was completely unpredictable and intriguing.

I highly recommend this one and have added it to the high honor of being on my favorite shelf. All the stars in the universe for Illuminae, my friends.

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