Review: Aloha, Baby

Aloha, Baby
Aloha, Baby by Liv Rancourt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


So this one was just okay. I saw one of my author friends had read it and I was looking for something short, plus it was free so why not? I mean, like I said it was just okay. The first half of the book is where nothing really happens and (idk the MC’s name????) talks to a hula doll like it’s a real person??????? That really weirded me out and I didn’t like that. After that, it did get kind of a little better when the romance started but even then nothing really happened. I shipped it but there wasn’t really any development to the characters or their relationship. Granted, it is a 33 page novella but there is a real lack of development here. The MC just lost 70 pounds and goes to the beach every day to exercise. Her future love interest is a classic hot surfer guy who’s a DJ on the weekends. His friend is just there until the end of the book when he just becomes there to be a fill-in love interest for the best friend/roommate. So yeah, this was a short novella and because of that it doesn’t have much development. But deep down, I kind of wanted more of the MC and Jack’s relationship. So I guess it wasn’t a total fail.

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