Review: City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire
City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

So, my original rating was a 3.5/4 and after months of forgetting and avoiding to write a review, here I am.

Before COHF, I was such a huge Cassandra Clare fan. I would freak out and plan how I would get money together to go and buy the next one if I didn’t have enough. The Infernal Devices was so good and wonderful and I never doubted those for a second. The Mortal Instruments on the other hand, has been so much harder for me. I can’t remember if I liked COLS but I remember reading those last few words and NEEDING to get the next one ASAP. Then the waiting period for COHF kicked in and I strongly suspect that is a major factor in why I did not like this one. I had to wait for it and during that time, I lost that excitement and that NEED to read the next one and by the time COHF rolled around, I was struggling to get it back.

The next issue for me was definitely the prologue. I read that dang thing so many times over and over trying to get further and eventually past it. I HATED the prologue. These were new characters (most of them, anyway) and I could care less about them. I picked up this one to continue on with Clary and Jace and all their friends, not Emma and Julian. Yeah, I get we need an intro to the for TDA but couldn’t we just put that as the prologue to TDA instead, leaving some mystery as to what happened? I can’t remember if I even finished the prologue or if I DNF’ed it but I know that prologue was the absolute WORST.

After that, I don’t really remember much. I ended up switching to an audiobook because I wanted to just finish the book and because Cassie was coming for a signing and I wanted to be prepared. So I’m just gonna freely throw some thoughts out there on what I actually do remember. Please be aware there may be spoilers beyond this point.

(view spoiler)

Regarding Sebastian, I couldn’t have cared about his character until he “changed” back into Jonathan. I liked him them. I cared then. But before then, he was just the said villain. (hide spoiler)]

While I had previously liked Clare’s books, this one made me wary of any future releases.

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