Review: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything
Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Actual rating – 3.5

Things I liked;

1.) Short chapters –
When I was reading this book, I didn’t have a lot of time to read. The short chapters made it easier for me to get through it and breeze through it. I could pick up the book and read a few chapters in between homework or right before bed.

2.) And the fun things in between them – The Spoiler Reviews and notes were fun, fast, and enjoyable. They made it easier to get through if I was in a rush.

3.) The romance – There were parts when its was super cute and fun. Fluff and fun. If it weren’t for the instalove feel of it I would have probably liked it more.

Things I didn’t like:

1.) The romance – The fluff wasn’t in a majority of the novel. Part of it was that it was just Madeline and the other was that I didn’t find it as fluff. I found it annoying and upsetting in a way. They were reckless (more on that in a minute) and of course, they just HAD to end up up having sex. I hate that YA authors nowadays always have to have one scene where the characters have sex and it just ruins the novel for me. They are usually teenagers, first of all. And usually, they haven’t been in the relationship very long. They don’t think and just decide to have sex without much debate as to whether they are ready or if it’s the right person. The pacing (up in a minute as well) made it seem like they met, hung out a few times, went on this trip, and then decided to have sex just within a span of a few weeks.

2.) Reckless teens on the loose – Half of the decisions made didn’t seem like much thought was put into them such as Madeline going outside and the trip. She just decided to run outside and stop the fight, knowing (maybe not realizing) that she could die. Then she decides to get a credit card (no thought on that either) and just go on a trip with a guy that she’s only known a few weeks and is now in love with (can someone say instalove?). This trip can also lead to her death but again, she does it anyway with a guy she has only known for a few weeks.

3.) Pacing/Flow – The pacing of this story and it’s short chapters also had a bad side. I felt like there was not a very good way to see a timeline and one event seemed to happen right after the other.It seemed like one day they met and a few weeks later they were going on a trip and having sex. It definitely added to the instalove feel and made it confusing and less enjoyable.

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