Review: Next Door to a Star

Next Door to a Star
Next Door to a Star by Krysten Lindsay Hager
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The beginning of this book went well for me. I love stories that involve Hollywood aspects and when I saw the sequel through Xpresso Tours, I thought I’d check the story out. Everything was well and fine until Hadley started complaining about how she was such a “loser” compared to all the “perfect, “blonde”, and “pretty” girls. She constantly called herself a loser every few pages, sometimes with several instances on one Kindle page. She started comparing herself to others so often after her best friend moved (the cliche: friend moves away, says they will contact and never does). She first focuses on a celebrity named Valeria (idk last name) and buys a ton of makeup that Valeria claims she likes. After she puts it on, she’s like “oh I’m such a loser I look nothing like her still”. If she likes celebs so much, isn’t she aware of photo retouching and Photoshop, not to mention makeup artists and the like? Then, she sees that all the “perfect, pretty” girls have earrings and basically goes against her parents and gets them pierced anyway (from what I can tell from reviews that I read).

I stopped reading after that and asked Amazon if it was okay to get a refund. Why did I give up? I gave up because I have been in a reading slump since late last year and I hate it. All I have been able to read is novellas and a collection of comics. I recognized some big cliches I didn’t like and rather than put myself farther into a slump, I chose to DNF the book.

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