Topic Thursday: Contemporary Cliche

Hey all! Welcome to my first Topic Thursday. My topic today will about cliches in contemporary romance novels that I have noticed/that annoy me.

Girl and Guy Get Together For Revenge on Exes

This is a cliched plot line I’ve noticed a lot recently in Contemporary YA. Something happens to the girl/guy/both’s relationship and they get together for revenge thinking they’ll show the ex what they lost and that when they fake-get-together they won’t fall in love. Spoiler alert: they seem to always do! This kind of ruins the book for me because it makes the romance less sweet. Part of the fun of Contemporary YA Romance or any YA Romance is the journey to the romance itself. When this cliche happens, it’s almost like there is no journey with obstacles or super sweet moments. It almost ruins the sweetness of the novel which I think is an essential piece. I’ve got to have something to swoon at or make me want that relationship to happen, not just a set up. I don’t want no cliched speeches or something that seems unrealistic.  I’d much rather prefer a natural and loving relationship than one that is set up from the very beginning to be a HEA. I want real and genuine and swoon-worthy!


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