Quickie Review: My Heart is Yours by Amanda Leigh

*I received a review copy from Xpresso Tours and this has in no way affected my review*


Maybe I was being a bit of a book snob when I tried to read this but I just didn’t want to continue one. Here’s why – I felt the language and wording in the book was too simple. I didn’t feel challenged at all and it felt something more like a early middle grade novel rather than a YA novel. I’m not sure why this bugged me the second time around and not the first either. Around the time I received the book. I checked out the prologue and it was really interesting. Maybe I was reading another book at the time, I don’t know but for whatever reason I put the book down. Maybe that was my big mistake. I just felt like it was too easy for me and that I had lost the interest that I had once had.