Quickie Reviews #1: Running in the Dark by Inger Iverson and Matched by Allie Condie

Running in the Dark by Inger Iverson 

*I received a review copy from Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review and this has in no way affected my review.*

I don’t have much to say about this one so here we go…

I feel bad for DNF’ing so early on in the book but there’s just no action in this. There was just nothing to make me care anything for the characters or what happened to them. There was no change in tone or really even the pace. It all just felt like one long boring story that nothing happened in. I mean sure, stuff happened. It wasn’t just two people sitting around and talking or whatever but it sure felt like it.

Another thing that kind of bugged me was it’s similarity to City of Bones. Both start out with a girl who witness some supernatural act of violence thing she shouldn’t have and ends up (I am assuming for this book from my knowledge of the summary and what I read.) being a supernatural being/person herself. Then, the girl proceeds to fall in love with the one who did the act (Jace for COB, Trace for this one. Hey, look! They even rhyme!).

Both of these things just didn’t work out for me.

Matched by Allie Condie

The ending to this entire trilogy became very obvious very early on in the book. After choosing to DNF this one, I checked online for the ending to the trilogy and sure enough, it was almost the same.

This is not really a spoiler but basically details the generic plot this trilogy follows. !SPOILERS! Girl and boy are best friends. They think they can’t be together or whatever. They get stuck together and girl meets other boy. Girl chooses other boy. woo. yay. not. !END SPOILERS!


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