Link by Summer Weir Review



LINK by Summer Wier
(The Shadow of Light #1)
Published by: REUTS Publications
Publication date: September 29th 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

For seventeen-year-old Kira, there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than being surrounded by friends and huddled beside a campfire deep in the woods. And with a birthday in the peak of summer, that includes late night swims under the stars.

Or at least, it used to.

Kira’s relaxing contemplation of the universe is interrupted when a piece of it falls, colliding with her and starting a chain of events that could unexpectedly lead to the one thing in her life that’s missing—her father.

Tossed into a pieced-together world of carnivals and gypsies, an old-fashioned farmhouse, and the alluring presence of a boy from another planet, Kira discovers she’s been transported to the center of a black hole, and there’s more to the story than science can explain. She’s now linked by starlight to the world inside the darkness. And her star is dying.

If she doesn’t return home before the star’s light disappears and her link breaks, she’ll be trapped forever. But she’s not the only one ensnared, and with time running out, she’ll have to find a way to save a part of her past and a part of her future, or risk losing everything she loves.

Dreamy, fluid, and beautiful, Link pairs the mystery of science fiction with the minor-key melody of a dark fantasy, creating a tale that is as human as it is out of this world.

Actual rating: 1.5

I requested this one because of the premise. I mean, a girl who’s life is tied to a star? I’ve never seen anything like it and I was so interested.

But somehow, it felt all too familiar. The carnival world I created in my head felt just like something I’ve seen before. And from there, it never really got better.

1.) Kira (our MC) was too accepting of everything that was happening. She shows up in someplace different and just casually walks around with no question at all. I don’t know about you, but if I woke up in an unfamiliar place, I’d be a bit more cautious and would be trying to figure out what was going on. Kira does neither of those things. And she does the same thing many times over in different situations.

2.) Kira is given several opportunities to say something and/or get some answers and every time she basically pushes it aside and gets out of it. I’d want some answers if I kept going in and out of worlds with basically no explanation or knowing as to why.

3.) After Kira has the whole drowning incident, her mother just decides to give her and her friends a trip to a beach house. Wouldn’t most mothers be wary of their kids going back out to the water again at least for a short period of time?

4.) My last issue is that of the terrible world-building. All of the sudden at 40% into the book, we’re told that Kira is in fact not a human on Earth, but on some planet called Thaer. I never read anything about other planets before (who knows, maybe it’s in there somewhere. I was skimming a lot.) and the whole time I had just assumed it was all taking place on Earth because nothing else said otherwise.

This was a book with an interesting premise that was ruined by the terrible world building and lack of action. I just didn’t ever really feel “into” the book and I skimmed through it a lot of the time because of that.

*I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.*