The Assassin by Pamela DuMond Tour!


Book & Author details:
The Assassin by Pamela DuMond
(Mortal Beloved, #2)
Publication date: July 5th 2015
Genres: Time-Travel, Young Adult

“All the excitement of Outlander if it was a YA series.”

THE ASSASSIN IS the anticipated sequel to the YA Time Travel romantic thriller — THE MESSENGER.

The Messenger has been optioned for Film/TV.

The Assassin will be featured in Glamour UK Magazine September 2015 edition.

Time Traveler. Messenger. Beloved. Spy.

“I was a Messenger: I kept the memory of all our encounters, our lives, like a locket that brushes the skin and bones covering my heart. But Samuel was a Healer: he didn’t time travel. His kind lived, died, re-incarnated, and he didn’t retain memories from his past lives. Every year I landed in required starting our relationship over: from ashes, from scrap… Every place I journeyed had beauty as well as darkness; all my time-travels were bittersweet.” ~ Madeline.

Madeline’s a Messenger: time traveling across lifetimes and delivering messages that could change one life or many. When she discovers that her true love, Samuel, is alive in present day, but doesn’t remember her from their past, she journeys to a deadly royal conflict in medieval Portugal hoping to rekindle his memory. Mortal assassins as well as dark-souled time travelers seek to kill her. Will Madeline and Samuel be together again in life—or only in death?

THE SEEKER (Mortal Beloved, Book Three) publishes Winter 2015/2016.

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e cradled my cheek with one hand and traced my face and then my lips with his finger. “I would petition King Pedro to allow us to be together,” he whispered. “He of all people understands what it is like to love someone you are not allowed to love. Or, you and I could just leave Portugal and journey to… Turkey, or Morocco. A place no one knows us, or cares about our backgrounds, or stations in life. A place we can be free.”

My heart ached. As much as I wanted to follow Samuel to any world—how could I tell him that I already had? If I didn’t return to present day Chicago, thousands of hearts would not be broken, but the few that would were precious to me: my dad, Sophie, Chaka and Aaron, and my younger sister, Jane. Maybe even Ryan’s.

And the bittersweet and crazy-making part of this story was that Lord Samuel De Rocha from medieval Portugal would miss me, but Samuel Delacroix from present day Chicago would not. I couldn’t even begin to try and make sense of that. I struggled to find a way to tell him and then decided to just go with the truth. I took a deep breath.

“Do you remember the man in the meadow who was looking for a girl named Madeline?” I asked.

“How could I forget?” he said. “You were so frightened. But I set him straight. I told him that you are Nadja and that he was mistaken.”

“That’s what I need to tell you,” I said dreading my next words, wishing that I could keep them captured and hidden quiet inside me.

“You can tell me anything as long as you breathe. I worry when you are not breathing,” he said.

I inhaled. I exhaled.

“Better,” he said.

“Samuel, that man was not mistaken. I am not your ‘Nadja,’” I said. “I’ve never really been anyone’s ‘Nadja.’ My real name is Madeline Blackford.”

He backed away from me so quickly I feared he’d bounce off a wall. “What do you mean, you are not Nadja? Who is Madeline Blackford?”

“You were in the ruins and you were praying for guidance; probably just days before Inêz de Castro was assassinated.”

“How do you know about that?” He glared at me confused.

I looked away. “You knelt on the ground, gazed up at the night sky, and you asked, ‘Whatever your given name, I beg you, hear my requests. I do not know whom I should trust.’”

“I repeat.” He strode the few steps toward me. “How do you know about that?”

I wrung my hands. “You said, ‘Both choices are bloody…So much could be lost and so many lives could be changed. Please, just give me a sign. Send me a message.’” I blinked back tears.

He paced. “How is that possible?” He frowned and raked his fingers through his thick black hair all the way to the ends that curled right where they brushed his shirt’s neckline.

He was going to hate me. He was going to hate me, and then he was going to leave me, and I would never see him again.

“Is this witchcraft?” he asked.

“No! You know I faked the reading I gave King Pedro. I’m not a witch,” I said.

“Then how can this be?”

“Something bigger and more powerful than me pulled me to you, Samuel,” I said. “I was the one who heard your prayers.”

“I don’t understand? How could you hear my prayers?” He asked. “You are not my Nadja?”

I shook my head. “I am not anyone’s Nadja. I’m not a gypsy. I’m not from Portugal, Castile, or Galicia. And, the worst part is that I’m not from this time. You asked for a message. I’m from Chicago, Illinois hundreds of years in the future. I traveled back in time for you, Samuel. I journeyed across all these centuries to find you. My name is Madeline Blackford. And I’m your message.”

Pamela DuMond is the author who discovered Erin Brockovich’s life story, thought it would make a great movie and pitched it to ‘Hollywood’.

She writes romantic comedic mysteries, romantic YA time travel and New Adult romance.

Her book The Story of You and Me was a Quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel Award (ABNA) 2014 in Romance.

Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys was a Quarterfinalist in ABNA 2013 in Mystery .

She’s addicted to TV shows — The Voice and Reign. The movies Love Actually and The Bourne trilogy (with Matt Damon — not that other actor guy,) make her cry ever time she watches them. (Like — a thousand.)

When she’s not writing Pamela’s also a chiropractor and cat wrangler. She loves reading, the beach, working out, movies, TV, animals, her family and friends. She lives in Venice, California with her fur-babies.

She likes her coffee strong, her cabernet hearty, her chocolate dark, her foods non-GMO and she lives for a good giggle.

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