The Wayward Soul by George Flores


  • Title: The Wayward Soul
  • Author: George Flores
  • Publisher: Firestrom Press
  • Page Count: 324 pgs.
  • Summary (from Goodreads): Adam’s senior year of high school should be remembered as a joyous milestone in his life, but is instead complicated by life at home as Adam’s alcoholic father struggles to provide for their family. Troubled by his inability to fix things at home, Adam makes an impetuous decision and heads for the road. Traveling for days along the lonely roads of West Texas, he’s met by surprises and misfortune, until he meets Lily, a kind and independent country girl who lives on a horse ranch. Although she’s several years his senior, and from a different world altogether, they develop a deeply passionate relationship. Adam struggles to keep the relationship alive when Lily is challenged to decide between Adam and someone else, leaving her to decide the fate of their relationship.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The beginning and the rest of what I read was slooooooooow. There wasn’t really any action and the kid decides to run away one night because his dad told him to go away. Why couldn’t he tell his mother or someone else? Instead he just runs away. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read much of this book. I mostly skimmed through this book looking for something to make me want to stop and thoroughly read the book. I had skimmed halfway through the book and still nothing. 

Love at Last Word?: No way! The pace was way too slow and the book wasn’t all that interesting.



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