Tomorrow Too Soon (The Short Affair Series #1) by Rose Gluck


  • Title: Tomorrow Too Soon (The Short Affair Series #1)
  • Author: Rose Gluck
  • Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contmporary Romance
  • Publisher: Amazon
  • Length: 37 pages
  • Summary from Goodreads: Avery and George had a magnetic connection from the start. The two serious professors decide to play a game of obsessive love. After one glorious and passionate day together, George’s inconceivable proposition turns Avery into an unlikely voyeur. The story takes an unexpected twist when Avery begins calling the shots.

I was asked to review this book by the author with a free book for an honest review.

This book was alright. The one thing I just can’t stand is society’s obsession with “doing the deed” outside of marriage – whether it be in movies, books, TV, or in real life. That was included in this book but was not overly described. I understand it was kind of important to the plot but I felt like it could have been reduced to just kissing. I just felt that George and Avery could have had the same results if they had just kissed or deep kissed. The story was somewhat interesting but as I have just explained, the “deed” did not need to be included. The story was a little hard to get into and a little slow at times but was a nice, short filler in between ARC’s.

Love at last word?: Eh. The Goodreads rating system is what I have been using lately and I keep switching fromtwo stars to three. I felt it wasn’t A+ five stars but I felt it wasn’t F five stars either. I’d make sure you like books in this genre and like the blurb before you try it out.