Stage Lights (Hearts to Follow #3) by Dana Burkey


  • Title: Stage Lights (Hearts to Follow #3)
  • Author: Dana Burkey
  • Length: 43 pages
  • Publisher: Self-published on Amazon
  • My Rating: Four stars
  • Summary from Goodreads: Tessa has always been confident both on stage and off. However, this summer she lands a roles as Juliet and finds herself face to face with a real life Romeo. Can Tessa concentrate on the play instead of focusing on Anthony? Will their on stage romance lead to an off stage one as well? Only time will tell, under the stage lights!

This was my least favorite Hearts to Follow novella because of the romance and the fact that I was confused for almost the whole novella. My cofusion ties into the romance as well. I was so confused as to how old Tessa was and she had a crush on a college boy. I thought she was a high school sophmore. When she kissed him, I actually started to root against it. Sophomores and whatever year in college Anthony is do not mix in my opinion. I just didn’t like Anthony as a love interest and Summer wasn’t my favorite character.

Love at last word?: Yes, but I didn’t like the characters.



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