Changed? (Hearts to Follow #2) by Dana Burkey Review


  • Book: Changed? (Hearts to Follow #2)
  • Author: Dana Burkey
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA
  • Summary from Goodreads: Summer has known Nick for years. His reputation around school is less than desirable, but when school starts something is different. Nick is no longer with cheerleader Gina, but despite the rumor he cheated on her Summer is finding herself falling for his charm. Is he really different, or he is still the same guy from the rumors of partying and failing classes?

I like these novellas because they make a story that could be so much longer and is short but makes you feel as though you’ve read an actual book. Also, the author weaves together the characters from the previous book into this one and exceeds at character development. After the events in the first novella, Nick is back again and facing the rumors from the last book while finding someone who can look past those rumors. Nick’s character grows a lot in this book and the author wrote him so well that you understand more about him by his “car speech”, as I will call it. Dana Burkey is an excellent writer who blends stories together and writes very well. Although there were some grammatical errors, the spectacular story with distract you from. Another amazing book from Dana!!!

Love at last word?: YES!!! Dana is an amazing, wonderful author whose future books/novellas I look forward to reading!



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