Just Pretending (Hearts to Follow #1) by Dana Burkey Review


  • Book: Just Pretending (Hearts to Follow #1)
  • Author: Dana Burkey
  • Genre: contemporary Romance, YA
  • Summary (from Goodreads): When Nick comes back into Cam’s life she is crushed to see his new girlfriend Gina is with him for the summer. Hoping jealousy will win Nick back, Cam convinces Josh to help her play the role of happy couple. Will their plan win Cam her dream guy, or will her dreams change the more they lie?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I liked this book a lot! The story was very realistic and believable. There were no teenagers attempting to do things not for them and it was very clean and appropriate. It was short and sweet but that made me like it even more. The author fit a story that could have been a novel into a novella but made it seem like an actual story. I applaud Dana Burkey for making this book seem like so much more and writing such a great book!

Love at last word?: Yes! Dana excels at writing perfect novellas! I can’t wait to read her others!



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