Model Undercover: New York by Carina Axelsson Review


Model Undercover: New York (Model Undercover #2) by Carina Axelsson *3.25 stars*

Notes: This is basically a standalone even though it is a sequel; I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Summary from Goodreads:

When the world’s most famous black diamond is stolen during a magazine cover shoot, it’s up to undercover model Axelle Anderson to crack the case. The only witness is a trendsetting teen fashion blogger who refuses to say anything, and Axelle has a hunch that what appears to be a clear-cut case of jewelry theft is anything but.

Axelle and her sleuthing friends are drawn into a web of blackmail and backstabbing fashionistas. As she struts her way down the New York City runways and juggles her busy modeling schedule and new romance, Axelle must pit herself against a rival who’ll stop at nothing to bring her down.

Love at last word?: There were some words I did not know, terms that I had never heard of, and many metions of fashion that flew over my head. I might not have read this book if I hadn’t seen it on NetGalley. It was okay but I don’t know if a third book came out, that I’d read it. I would have to think about it because at some parts i really liked the book.



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