Best Friends Through Eternity by Sylvia McNicoll Review


Best Friends Through Eternity by Sylvia McNicoll

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Summary from Goodreads: Inspired by the true story of a teen who was killed at a railway crossing, the author weaves the tale of fourteen-year-old Paige, who, taking a shortcut alongside the tracks to avoid the school bullies, is tragically hit by a train and transported to a surreal world where she encounters Kim, who died seven years before. Convinced she is only dreaming, Paige must discover a way to return to her former life. Poignant, gripping, and full of unexpected twists and turns, Best Friends through Eternity will resonate with readers who have struggled with cultural identity, a sense of belonging, and the real meaning of home.

This book is about Paige,  a girl who almost dies when she is hit by a train. She is transported to a beach where she meets her childhood friend who gives her a chance to go back. The thing that really annoyed me about this book was that she kept going back and going back and making small changes. I know this was part of character development but it was kind of redundant. The other thing that annoyed me with this book was the bullies. They seemed WAY too harsh. I know this kind of stuff does happen but it made me angry that people actually do that kind of crap to others. They need to stop channeling their anger at others and get help.

I liked that the book was short but I really wished we knew what happened after what happened at the end of the book.  I liked this book overall.

Rating: 3 Stars

Was it love in the end? Kind of. I’d recommend this book to people I know for sure. I’d probably tell them what bugged me but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.

– BookNerd


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